Management Audits


The health and safety requirements of a small or large business can alter over time and it is important that audits are carried out on a regular basis. By doing so it will ensure the continued welfare, health and safety of employees within an organisation, via the systematic appraisal of on-site procedures and processes. Audits can find areas in which improvements need to be made in the interest of a business, it’s employees and others who may be effected by its day to day business activities, and help companies to comply with legal duties and promote wellbeing within the organisation.

A Safety Management audit is an assessment of a business’ system and processes, in which it is measured against regulated criteria to make sure health and safety standards are being upheld.

Businesses differ in size and the industries in which they operate – for example, a garage workshop will have different regulations to an office – the audit will in general look to assess the following factors:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of the current Management system
  • How the Management system performs within the aims of the organisation
  • If the company is fulfilling its legal obligations within its industry
  • If the appropriate performance reviewing system is in place

The benefit of an audit is that it can Identify issues lurking behind the scenes, which can lead to accidents and other negative consequences for a business. If you are bidding for clients or looking for new business, you may find companies expect you to have the correct health and safety procedures in place.

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