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Risk Assessment

Foresight Safety can offer your business in Guernsey reassurance with our health and safety risk assessment service, this can help you to prevent harm to your employees and other persons who could be affected by your work activities. Below is information to guide you in conducting a risk assessment. Alternatively for further enquires about our risk assessment services please complete and submit the form below.

What is health and safety risk assessment?

A safety risk assessment is a systematic process of identifying potential hazards in the workplace, evaluating the likelihood and severity of harm that may result from those hazards, and determining appropriate controls to mitigate those risks. The goal of a safety risk assessment is to identify potential safety hazards before they cause harm to employees or the workplace, and to implement effective controls to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of injury or damage.

Therefore our risk assessment services examine potential workplace hazards, enabling you to identify, evaluate and mitigate risks for improved safety and legal compliance. The risk assessment process is broken down into five stages.

The 1 – 5 Process of health and safety risk assessment

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The first stage of risk assessment is to identify potential hazards. This stage involves observing and examining the work environment, equipment used, and the tasks performed. Evaluation of accident and illness data, and input from workers are also important for identifying hazards. By identifying hazards, potential sources of harm can be identified and prioritized for further assessment.

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The second stage involves identifying the people who may become exposed to the hazard. This stage includes an analysis of the likely duration and frequency of exposure, as well as the severity of the possible harm. By identifying worker groups, the risk assessment can be targeted to specific groups and procedures put in place to protect them.

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The third stage off the process involves assessing the level of risk. This stage includes the evaluation of the likelihood of the hazard causing an incident and the severity of the harm if it does occur. This will help to prioritize the hazards based on the level of risk identified.

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The forth stage involves identifying control measures to eliminate or reduce the risk. Control measures aim to reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring, prevent harm, and limit the consequences if an incident does occur. This stage involves considering all reasonably practicable means of controlling the identified hazards.

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And finally stage fifth focuses on recording and reviewing the risk assessment. Record keeping is essential for monitoring progress and reviewing the assessment over time. It also highlights the implementation of control measures and record keeping is essential for any audit exercises. Regular review of risk assessments ensures that they remain relevant and up to date in the ever-changing environment of work.

In conclusion

The risk assessment process provides organizations with a structured, comprehensive framework for identifying, assessing, and managing risks in the workplace. By implementing these stages, organizations are taking proactive steps to prevent accidents and ill-health, as well as protecting the well-being of workers. Risk assessment is an ongoing process, and regular review and updating of assessments are critical for maintaining effective risk management strategies. By taking a systematic and structured approach to risk assessment, organizations can improve their management of potential hazards, protect the workforce, and promote a safe and healthy working environment.

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