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Grounds Maintenance Training

Training on grounds maintenance equipment is of utmost importance when it comes to preventing accidents and injuries, as untrained employees may not possess the necessary knowledge of the equipment’s capabilities and limitations. Furthermore, staff who have received proper training are better equipped to operate the machinery in an efficient and effective manner, resulting in a higher quality job and improved productivity.

It is therefore imperative that proper training is provided to all employees who will be working with grounds maintenance equipment to ensure the safety of workers and the success of the organization.

Foresight Safety can offer via a 3rd party City & Guilds NVQ Assessor & NPTC Assessor training to enable operatives to safely use and be competent in a whole host of machinery & horticultural knowledge to enable employers to have a skilled workforce.

Safe Use of a Brush-cutter-Strimmer (Nylon & Blade Attachment)
Safe Use of a Pedestrian Mower (Cylinder Rotary & Flail)
Safe Use of a Hedge-Cutter/Trimmer (Hand –Held & Pole)
Safe Use of a Brushwood Chipper (In-Feed Roller & Gravity Fed)
Safe Use of a Rotavator (Ground Preparation)
Safe Use of a Ride on Mower (Cylinder Rotary & Flail)
Safe Use of a Compact Tractor Plus Attachments
Safe Use of a Tractor Plus Attachments
Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross Cutting (Refresher)Safe Use of a Back-Pack & Hand-Held Blower
Risk Assessment & Site Safety
Safe Use of a Powered Scarifier (Sports Turf)
Safe Use of a Powered Roller (Sports Turf)
Safe Use of a Powered Aerator (Sports Turf)
Safe Use of a Granular Fertilizer Spreader
Bowling Green Management Maintenance & Renovation
Cricket Wicket Preparation & Renovation (Sports Turf)
Tree Planting & Maintenance
Shrub & Rose Bed Maintenance & Planting
Seasonal Pruning Techniques
Floral Displays & Bulb Planting (Bed Preparation- Planting- Hanging Baskets & Maintenance)
Plant Identification and Nomenclature

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