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Retained health & safety Services

Foresight Safety are able to offer businesses in Guernsey a range of retained health & safety services. Improve safety & compliance in your business with our retained health & safety services. Our professional solutions create a culture of safety, saving you time and money.

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Why use retained health & safety services?

Our retained health and safety services package offers numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes. It is a proactive approach to managing health and safety risks in the workplace, ensuring that preventative measures are in place to minimize the occurrence of accidents and illnesses.

This package provides businesses with ongoing support and guidance from experienced health and safety professionals, enabling them to comply with legal requirements and improve their overall safety culture.

Therefore, Foresight Safety’s retained health and safety services package is an excellent idea for businesses. W offer ongoing support, guidance, and education from experienced health and safety consultants, enabling your businesses to maintain regulatory compliance, improve workplace culture, and save costs. Most importantly, this service empowers businesses to protect their employees and demonstrate a commitment to safety and accountability.

What’s health & safety services are included?

An initial Health and Safety audit of your organisations Health and Safety management systems and procedures, this will include a full report and action plan. Included in this package is ongoing access via email or telephone for competent health and safety advice at any time within office hours. Any additional services that are requested such as the ones below are charged at our discounted day rate.

  • Health and safety audits and inspections
  • Be-spoke safety training
  • Creation and maintenance of safety policies, risk assessments and procedures
  • Incident investigation and reporting
  • Emergency response planning
  • Compliance reviews and assessments
  • Safety culture assessments and consulting

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