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Site Inspections & Auditing

Foresight Safety are able to offer Guernsey businesses be-spoke health and safety audit and inspections, these can be one off snap shots or scheduled at set intervals to suit your business. When it comes to maintaining a safe workplace, businesses and organizations must carry out periodic evaluations of their safety protocols and procedures.

Safety audits and safety inspections are two tools that help organizations identify potential hazards, compliance issues, and other areas where improvements can be made to enhance safety and prevent accidents.

Corporate regulations and compliance concept. Laws, rules, requirements, and regulations. Corporate formation, shareholder rights, corporate governance and financial disclosure. Business ethics.

Safety Inspections

Safety inspections are usually carried out on a daily or weekly basis, and they are generally focused on identifying and addressing specific safety hazards or issues. These may include identifying and fixing broken equipment, removing clutter or obstacles from walkways, or checking that safety equipment like fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are in good working order. Safety inspections are a powerful tool for maintaining day-to-day safety in the workplace, and they help prevent many accidents and injuries that might otherwise occur.


Safety audits are detailed, in-depth evaluations of the overall safety of a workplace. These audits are usually conducted on a less frequent basis, and they are more focused on identifying broad safety trends and issues. In a safety audit, inspectors may review safety processes and protocols throughout an entire organization, including safety training, management practices, and communication systems. Safety audits are designed to take a more holistic view of safety within an organization, enabling management to identify areas where targeted improvements may be able to significantly enhance the safety culture of the business.

compliance and regulation concept. Enforcement of laws, regulations, and standards, requirements, internal policies and procedures. Minimize legal and financial risks, protect corporate reputation.


Therefore both safety audits and safety inspections are critical tools for maintaining a safe workplace. While safety inspections are more focused on immediate hazards and issues, safety audits enable a broader perspective to identify areas where systemic problems may occur and potentially cause serious harm to employees. By conducting both types of evaluations regularly, businesses can ensure that their workplace is always as safe as possible, and that employees are protected from harm while on the job.

How can Foresight Safety help?

We are in able to help your organisation in carrying both safety inspections and auditing, please contact us for further information on this service.

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