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Training Courses

Foresight Safety can offer your organisation a range of training courses, training courses can be made and delivered to fit your requirements. For Toolbox Talks, E-Learning, communication of safety procedures and land based machinery training please contact Foresight Safety using the form below. Alternatively email:

General Health & Safety Training

A workplace safety training program is designed to provide workers with the skills, knowledge and competence, to perform tasks and procedures in ways that are safe for them and their colleagues. This also includes specific instructions and guidelines to help them identify, report, and manage hazards and incidents in the workplace. Foresight Safety can offer your organisation bespoke training.

Through workplace safety training, workers can have a better understanding of how their work environment is set up and how they should behave while at work. With this knowledge, workers will feel more responsible in performing their duties and take any safety precautions that will help them avoid accidents while at work.

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Land Based Machinery Training

Foresight Safety can offer a wide range of courses associated with grounds maintenance activities. Most courses are directed at operational staff, providing relevant theory and practical training that will improve the skills of the staff attending.

If we don’t have a scheduled course, we will either link your staff with others to provide a cost effective programme for your organisation, or put your staff onto a waiting list and advise you of the likely timescale for the next course. Please click the button below for a full list of training that can be provided.

Toolbox Talks

Unlike a formal safety meetings or training sessions, toolbox talks are shorter, more informal discussion, with a goal to encourage and bolster your overall safety program by aiming on a specific safety issue with each talk.

By offering a more casual space for debate and drilling down into very specific areas of safety, they are an active way to refresh your employee’s knowledge, keep them up-to-date with regulation, equipment and safety-procedure changes, and allow for more experienced workers to share their experience with the group.

Therefore Foresight Safety have developed a generic range of toolbox talks and are also able to provide your organisation a be-spoke package of toolbox talks to suit your requirements. Please contact us for further information on the toolbox talks we can provide.

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